Arthur Valera




Arthur was raised in Seattle, WA, and has lived in Las Vegas, NV and across the ocean in the Philippine Islands. He started his career at the bottom of the corporate ladder as an Administrative Specialist and worked his way up to a construction Project Engineer. He later realized his passion for helping people in his community and his interest in real estate investing. Strengthen by his entrepreneurial spirit he took a leap of faith and got his license to become a full-time Realtor & Property Manager. He now assists military families with relocating while offering free rental search services. He enjoys educating our soldiers on how to maximize their VA benefits as well as first-time homebuyer’s plan for the future. He has a passion for turning dreams into reality for first-time homebuyers as well as working with investors to build their dreams. He loves learning new financial and real estate strategies, exercising his creativity, trying new things, and teaching the concepts to others. He has an eye for detail, design, and advertising which benefits his sellers and investors when renovating, staging, and marketing. His contractor and vendor relationships through his previous career and his experience as a Project Engineer makes him a one-stop shop for his clients living remotely. He believes in taking the consultative approach in guiding his clients to make the best-educated decisions to building their future.


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